A Bunker Komplex

Jörgen_Wänerskär_WWII_bunkerIn my daily Pintrest browsing I found a 3D render of a WW2 bunker komplex that I thought could be interesting to make something out of and use as terrain or perhaps a Mission Objective.

Have made some sketches, cut out some basic test models. Its still a work in progress and only in a planing status.  Will take som pictures of the sketches and mockups to get some feedback.

Let’s see what happens.


Hills, rolling hills, and HMG nests

So after a long break I’ve been working on some new terrain and some fortifications. Some work have been done or actual Brittish troops but the progress there is a lot slower.

Here are one of thew hills and some of the HMGs. There will be two small hills, one with two levels and one that only has one. There will also be a larger one that can fill the width of a table and the small hills are made to go on top. More photos to come.


Small hill


HMG Nests

VÄScon (and the Flames of War)

So this weekend my local club is having a tiny FoW tournament as the club holds it’s first annual tiny convent.

By tiny i mean 6 players, 3 tables and 3 games.
All games are 2.5h long with LW 1750 points armies, no list restrictions.

Everyone play 3 games on 3 different tables against 3 different opponents.

There will be photos taken, perhaps not a lot of good battle reports since we are all playing but I shall try to make at least one of my own game.

score board


4GROUND: A “Review”

4ground-logoSo, I got myself a few houses and a church that I have been building this week so i thought I would give a small review of them. It’s not an in depth review, only some thought that came up.

Well then, lets start with I liked them a lot!

The first houses (I started by building two at the time) took some time before i figured out how it all worked because i found that some of the pictures wasn’t as clear as i would have liked and a few of the numbering were off but no big deal. After the first three you didn’t really need the instructions unless the house had some special feature or was one of the broken one were you need bits of exposed bricks glued on. I found that the glue “dried” fast so you could build them fairly quick without having to wait for it.

I am unsure about the durability of the houses. With Battlefronts own houses that we have used so far you don’t really have to be that careful when handling and packing away but i my initial feeling is that 4ground is a tad more fragile. There will be a game this weekend where i will test them out and I get a better feel of them. =)

I will for sure buy some more. The next step will be the Memorial/Statue, Cobbled roads, Stone Plaza, Bridge and walls. =)

Here are some pictures and more will come up when I have taken some good pictures. (I need light, its getting dark up here in the north.)



ARP = Armoured Rifle platoon
AOP = Air Observation Post
AA or AAA = Anti-aircraft or Anti-aircraft Artillery (Gun Team)
AAMG = Anti-aircraft Machinegun
AFV = Armored Fighting Vehicle (Tanks, Armored Cars, etc.)
AT = Anti-tank (Gun Team)
DD = Duplex Drive (Type of amphibious tank)
DFA = Death From Above (FOW Mission)
ATR = Anti-tank Rifle (Infantry Team)
FOF = Field of Fire (Targeting Rules)
FP = Fire Power (Shooting Stat)
HMG = Heavy Machine Gun (Gun Team)
LM = Light Mortars (Infantry Team)
LMG = Light Machine Gun (Gun Team)
LOS = Line of Sight (Targeting Rules)
GTG = Gone To Ground (Concealment Special Rule)
MG = Machine Gun (Infantry Team)
PIAT = Projector, Infantry, Anti-tank (Infantry Team)
ROF = Rate of Fire (Shooting Stat)
SMG = Submachine Gun (Infantry Team)
SPA = Self-propelled Artillery (Vehicle mounted artillery gun)
SPAA = Self-propelled Anti-aircraft (Vehicle mounted AA gun)
SPAT = Self-propelled Anti-tank (Vehicle mounted AT gun)
DF = defensive fire

AGR = All Guns Repeat (Generic Artillery Special Rule)
TOT = Time on Target (US Artillery Special Rule)

7AD = 7th Armoured Division (British Division in North Africa and Normandy)
AARR = Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (LW British List)
BEF = British Expeditionary Force (EW British in Europe)
DOG = Death or Glory (MW British Tank List)
FSSF = First Special Service Force (Canadian/American Commando-style Unit)
LRDG = Long Range Desert Group (MW British List)
RA = Royal Artillery (British artillery unit)
RE = Royal Engineers (British engineer unit)
RHA = Royal Horse Artillery (British artillery unit)
RTR = Royal Tank Regiment (British tank unit)
SAS = Special Air Service (MW British List)
UC = Universal Carrier (British open topped tracked vehicle used for a number of purposes)

ST = Storm Trooper (German special rule)
DAK = Deutsches Afrikakorps (German Unit in North Africa)
FJ = Fallschirmjäger (German Paratroopers list)
PF = Panzerfaust
PG = Panzergrenadiers (German Mechanized/Motorized Infantry)
PS = Panzerschreck
HGD = Hermann Göring Division (Luftwaffe Armored Division)

ATP “Armoured Transporter Platoon” (a Soviet Mechanised Unit)
QOQ “Quality of Quantity” (Soviet Special Rule)

AOW = Art of War
AOW2 = Art of War 2
FEv2 or FE2 = Fortress Europe (AKA Festung Europa version 2)
SO = Stalin’s Onslaught
MTO = Mediterranean Theater of Operations (North Africa and Italy)
HCRB “Hard Cover Rule Book”
MRB “Mini Rule Book” (the softcover “free” rulebook)
AB = Army Builder (Commercial Army List Creation Software)
BF = Battlefront (Manufacturers of FOW)
FOW = Flames of War (duh!)
ETO = European Theater of Operations (France, Germany, Belgium, etc)
FE = Festung Europa (LW army list supplement)
LFTF = Lessons From the Front (Official Q&A)
MALFTF = More Again Lessons From the Front (Unofficial Q&A)
MLFTF = More Lessons From the Front (Updated official Q&A)
PTO = Pacific Theater of Operations (Philippines, Okinawa, etc.)
MM = Monty’s meatgrinder
R/C – radio controlled

WGR = FOW wargames reports
NMM = non-metallic metallic, a painting technique used to paint metal o b j e c ts/parts without using metallic paints
AFAIK = “As Far As I know” (as in IIRC or “I am probably making this up”)
NRBH = “No Rulebook Handy” (as in IIRC or “I am probably making this up”)
AOA = Axis of Attack (FOW Campaign System)
CC = Confident Cons c r i p t (Troop Rating)
CT = Confident Trained (Troop Rating)
CV = Confident Veteran (Troop Rating)
EW = Early War (1939-1941)
FC = Fearless Cons c r i p t (Troop Rating)
FFA = Free For All (FOW Mission)
FLGS = Friendly Local Game Story (your local retailer)
FT = Fearless Trained (Troop Rating)
FV = Fearless Veteran (Troop Rating)
HTL = Hold the Line (FOW Mission)
IINO = Infantry in Name Only (a force built using an infantry list with minimum infantry and maximum tanks)
TINO = Tanks in Name Only
IIRC = If I Remember Correctly (qualification of statement)
IMO or IMHO = In My Opinion or In My Humble Opinion (qualification of statement)
LW = Late War (1944-1945)
MW = Mid-War (1492-1943)
OB or OOB = Order of Battle (organization and unit structure of a force)
RAW = Rules as Written (No “House Rules”)
RC = Reluctant Cons c r i p t (Troop Rating)
RSI = Repubblica Sociale Italiana (LW Post-Mussolini Italian Government)
RT = Reluctant Trained (Troop Rating)
RV = Reluctant Veteran (Troop Rating)
TOE or TO&E = Table of Organization and Equipment (organization, manning, and equippage of units)
WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get (all units and options accurately modeled on miniatures)
DD-1 = US and British Airborne
DD = D-Day
BO = Bloody Omaha
VB = Villiers Bocage
MM = Monty’s Meatgrinder
Cobra = Cobra.