Time to get more active!!

It has again been a long time since I posted anything here but I hop that will change. The local game club should be starting playing more Infinity now I hope and start a campain. And with v4 of Flames of War out I hope some games will be done there too.

And with a new phone that has a camera that can take some what good pictures I think battl

To Infinity, and beyond

InfinitySo, the local club has a few people that’s started playing Infinity so Me and a friend is thinking about joining up. Right now it seems like we will buy the starter pack with Nomads and PanOceania. I’m hoping for the Nomads since i like the models more.

At first I was looking at ALEPH or Haqqislam but perhaps the Starter pack is a good way to start. If it all goes well I might get two factions. =)

Let’s see what happens! =)



Guess who’s back, back again. MAlgol’s back, tell a friend.

The year 2015 didn’t have much from me when it came to Flames of War, both games and new models or terrain, but I do hope 2016 will change that. Though I’ve only played 3-4 games so far things are looking up. Will try to make a few Battle Reports too with photos, drawings, and everything. =)

I yet again change webhost and moved this blog. It seems like most of the images didn’t follow the rest of the files so some post (or most) will have missing photos. I’m trying to find them but I’ve only manage to find a few so far. =(