Building ZenTerrain: The small things first.

Made an order from ZenTerrain a few weeks ago and 2 days ago it arrives so yesterday I started to assemble some of it.

Full bundle with 18 buildings, 2 Fast Food stalls, Motorbike set, Modular bridge, Modular planters and 2 sets of Streetsigns. Had a friend order Terminals with LEDs and Troopers camo marker.

I really like the set, good details and fun to assemble. It comes pre-cut and with a printed guide.

Will probably paint parts and then assemble them depending on how it looks.


The LED terminals was easy to assemble but the connections arn’t great I think, will do some testing before I finish them. Need to be able to change battery and led so I cant glue everything but I think its an easy fix.

Food Stalls

The Food Stalls was easy. Here I will paint the sidewalls before I put them on. The back of the stall is paper that you insert before gluing the sides on.


Planters! Not much to say, very easy. =)

Motorbikes (the vespa)

Some smaller parts and some hesitations. But will work out in the end. =)

A row of trees

Had some small trees in a box and decided to make something out of it. They are small, made and bought for Flames of War but I thought they could work for blocking LoS and perhaps use some other terrain rules.

Tried them out Wednesday Escalation game.  Didn’t get much use and they are not done yet but I like it. The orange color adds to it
Needs paint and some filling but it will be a future project, I want it to fit terrain Im looking at. =)







Some work images