Hacking Programs

So I have made myself a list of all the Hacking Programs for Infinity. It is made with html, css and a tiny amount of php. The functions are simple and what i need (for now).

You can select what Devices you have and it will show what Programs you can use. You can also select and sort only Targets and Skill Type but you can’t combine the options.

The reason for this is that I use css and labels to hide and show the rows with the Programs and since a row can have both a class for a Device and for example a Target it will show all the rows that has the same Target.

I will try to improve it in both design and functions but since I am no expert they will be small and easy.

It is not perfect but it does what i want it to do. 🙂

Link: http://wargames.malgol.se/infinity/hacking/

Last Update: 2017-12-16:21

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