My first paintjob: Market Garden & Open Fire

My first paintjob: Market Garden & Open FirePL-Firefly-VC HQ-CC-2 HQ-CC-3 PL-Firefly-VC HQ-CC-3

So this is the HQ of my Armour Company.

Base coat black and then drybrush green. A black/brown wash followed by some green drybrushing again with the same green as before.
An additional drybrush for highlights and then paint all the bags, tools, tracks and MG black followed by painting them.
Finish it all of with some mud on the tracks, back and front, some metal highlight on the gun mantle and around the tank and some gray drybrush on any extra tracks on the tank.

This is the technique I’ve used on all the tank this time. Might change it a little for my 3rd Tank Platoon.

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