Building ZenTerrain: The small things first.

Made an order from ZenTerrain a few weeks ago and 2 days ago it arrives so yesterday I started to assemble some of it.

Full bundle with 18 buildings, 2 Fast Food stalls, Motorbike set, Modular bridge, Modular planters and 2 sets of Streetsigns. Had a friend order Terminals with LEDs and Troopers camo marker.

I really like the set, good details and fun to assemble. It comes pre-cut and with a printed guide.

Will probably paint parts and then assemble them depending on how it looks.


The LED terminals was easy to assemble but the connections arn’t great I think, will do some testing before I finish them. Need to be able to change battery and led so I cant glue everything but I think its an easy fix.

Food Stalls

The Food Stalls was easy. Here I will paint the sidewalls before I put them on. The back of the stall is paper that you insert before gluing the sides on.


Planters! Not much to say, very easy. =)

Motorbikes (the vespa)

Some smaller parts and some hesitations. But will work out in the end. =)